Fluorinated Building Blocks

As described on our products page, we offer a wide range of custom  Bromofluoroalkanes (BFAs) reagnents.  In order to provide additional value and service to our customers, we also offer fluoroalkylation services for their starting materials -  synthesizing your fluoromethylated targets in-house using our BFA's.  In this way, we can circumvent any regulatory issues for our customers surrounding the procurement and handling of BFAs.   In addition, we offer consulting services based on considerable expertise in organofluorine chemistry -  to diagnose the optimum approach to incorporating fluorine into your target molecule.

Valliscor's lead product is bromofluoromethane (BFM, CH2BrF, CAS number 373-52-4, click here for the SDS / MSDS file for bromofluoromethane). All our BFA's, including bromofluoromethane, are manufactured in the United States at our Corvallis, OR site. Commercial quantities (kg) of bromofluoromethane at high purity levels (>99.9%) are available that is suitable for fluticasone propionate manufacture. Please inquire at for a sample of our product. We can provide samples and full order shipments in cylinders of your choice. Many BFA's, including bromofluoromethane, are ozone depleting substance's (ODS's).  We manufacture and ship ODS's in strict compliance with global environmental regulations.  

Custom Synthesis

Purifcation Services

Valliscor has invested heavily in purification technologies to assist our customers with difficult separations - with particular focus on distillation. Due to the full breath of technological expertise at Valliscor, we are basic in state-of-the-art distillation capabilities including:

  • Up to metric ton (MT) scale
  • High theoretical plate separation
  • Wide range of accessible temperatures under atmospheric and reduced pressure
  • Food grade-level quality system

Research and Development

Custom Synthesis / Research & Development

With over 25 years of process development experience, we can take your preliminary lab protocol and develop it into a robust and scalable process suitable for operation in a pilot plant. Using a "quality by design approach" combined with state of the art lab and analytical facilities we will provide our customers with the most cost effective, safe and environmentally compliant process possible. We will also incorporate continuous flow options where appropriate in order to underpin the overall process performance and quality.

We also offer our customers custom synthesis services - based on either FTE or flat fee arrangements.

Process safety is a major consideration and we are committed to ensuring that all work carried out is done so with a full safety evaluation.