Select Organofluorine Products

Valliscor offers commercial solutions for our customers’ organofluorine needs. These products include bromofluoromethane (BFM, CAS # 373-52-4),  fluoroiodomethane (FIM, CAS # 373-53-5), 4,4,5,5,5-pentafluoro-1-pentanol (PFP, CAS # 148043-73-6),  dibromofluoromethane  (DBFM, CAS # 1868-53-7) and hexafluoro-1,3-butadiene (C4F6, CAS # 685-63-2).  Valliscor also produces select fluorine-containing heterocycles such as 2-chloro-4-fluoropyridine (CFP, CAS # 34941-91-8). For ozone depleting substance (ODS), we are well-versed in addressing the regulatory hurdles regarding the Montreal Protocol. If you do not see the exact solution you are looking for, we welcome specific inquiries. Contact us at us via email at or by phone at +1 541-286-5082.

Supporting API Supply Chains. We have considerable experience in delivering reoccurring, commercial quantities of key starting materials into on-the-market API supply chains. For example, we are the global dominant manufacturer of bromofluoromethane for use in the manufacture of fluticasone propionate and fluticasone furoate.  In addition, we routinely supply 4,4,5,5,5-pentafluoro-1-pentanol for use in the manufacture of fulvestrant.

Featured Product: Bromofluoromethane (BFM)

(Catalog # VCBFM, CAS # 373-52-4, bp 20 °C) reagent for fluoromethylation, important building block in the synthesis of fluticasone propionate & fluticasone furoate (J. Med. Chem. 199437, 3717-3729 ), available in high purity (>99.9%). [Bromofluoromethane SDS/MSDS]

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