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"innovative solutions to fluorinated building blocks, enantioenriched scaffolds and custom synthesis needs"

  • Bromofluoroalkanes (BFAs) and Fluoroalkylated Building Blocks bromofluoroalkanes including bromofluoromethane

    We offer proprietary technology for the preparation of a wide range of ultra pure bromofluoroalkanes (BFAs) including bromofluoromethane (BFM, CH2BrF, CAS # 373-52-4). In addition, our fluoroalkylation technology provides access to fluoroalkylated building blocks for our customers.

  • Custom Synthesis custom synthesis and asymmetric catalysis

    Through either FTE-based or flat fee-based arrangements, we offer some unique tools for our customer's custom synthesis project.

  • Process Research and Development process research and development

    With over 25 years of process development experience and a "quality by design approach," we can take your preliminary lab protocol and develop it into a robust and scalable process suitable for operation in a pilot plant.

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